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National Encounter & Virtual Connection with Pope Francis

Scholas is a global educational movement founded by Pope Francis in 2013. With a mission to promote social integration and cultural exchange.

UN SDG Media Summit at Earth X Conference

As part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Summit at Earth X Conference in Dallas, Scholas USA provided some significant contributions with the Foundations work with Laudato Si and Integral Ecology.

Los Angeles County Proclamation of Scholas 10 Years and “Pelota de Trapo Day”

Los Angeles County unanimously voted a Proclamation to Scholas Occurrentes in celebration of 10 years of work as an Education Foundation created by Pope Francis. It also proclaimed “Dia Pelota de Trapo” on Scholas' anniversary, August 13.

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In order to fulfill our mission of having students from the most diverse social backgrounds participating, Scholas offers its programs ENTIRELY FOR FREE for Students and Teachers.

If you are interested in donating for our programs in Africa and Latina America you can also make your donation here or visit www.scholasoccurrentes.org

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