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Our young-adults programs at Scholas

Charting futures with our Programs for Young-Adults

At Scholas, we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities facing young adults today. Our programs for young adults are designed to support personal and professional development, foster leadership skills, and create pathways to success.


Laudato Si Integral Ecology School

Laudato Si program empowers 50 Latin American youth annually to address environmental ethics and improve their communities through a year-long educational journey.


Fratelli Tutti Political School

Fratelli Tutti Leadership School (FTLS) trains young social leaders in holistic leadership inspired by Fratelli Tutti, creating a global community to address today's challenges.

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In order to fulfill our mission of having students from the most diverse social backgrounds participating, Scholas offers its programs ENTIRELY FOR FREE for Students and Teachers.

If you are interested in donating for our programs in Africa and Latina America you can also make your donation here or visit

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